The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The good: I am writing a novel. The bad: If I share any content, it would most likely not get published.  The ugly: I have previously shared my writings from two novels, that I am working on. As for my new project, I can not get advice from anyone online, because I should not share my work.

For the past month, I have been working on a novel, possible screenplay, but choose not to post what I have written on my blog.  What I have learned from WordPress is if you want your work to be published, you should not share any of your work online.  In previous months, I shared paragraphs of two novels, that I am working on.  I was very excited, as I was writing, now my hopes of publishing, those two novels, have since deceased.

So, after reading opinions on WordPress, as well as researching publishers, I came to the conclusion, that I would not post my current project online. What I am working on now, is 75% fiction and 25% fact, that could slightly be another reason, that I am hesitant to post my work online.  In the end, I have realized that what I am working on is very important to me, as well as a lot of people in regards to the subject of my writing.

So, my question to you is if you are working on something which you want to publish, would you share any content of your writing online, which would include subject matter?

Or would you just keep it to yourself, until it is published?


8 thoughts on “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

  1. what about a re-write of a concept? this may not fit for you since i’m writing a book on supporting depression. i may want to develop an idea in the blog from the book or visa versa. I take the concept and nearly totally rewrite for the other media. I try not to refer to what I have already wrote as not to lift too many words or ideas from the existing work. for instance, I got the blog idea of how a chicken egg is like isolation. from a section of my book. the books delves into it for a couple a paragraphs at most, while the blog post is far north of 500 words. The concepts are the same, the words are completely different. oh no! i just realized i used “the” in both works! :^)

    I realize that is a killjoy in sharing words that have got you totally excited, but at leasts you could share general ideas. additionally, maybe the rewrite will had more clarity to your book copy.

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  2. I’d keep it to myself so that no one could steal my ideas/thoughts and publish them as their own. We all know that there are “trolls” on the internet who live mainly to do just that, or to spew their bigotry and hate just to get a rise out of someone. That said, I’m hereby sending you best wishes for your success. I support you 100% of the way! And one of these days, when I can find the time to think about my answers to your questions in the Liebster award, I will get that done. Being retired has wreaked havoc on my time-management skills!!

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  3. You know the answer to your dilemma might be beta readers. You can pick two or three people, friends, who you know are trustworthy and wouldn’t steal your stuff, and then publish your blog posts in a private post on here that requires a password to get into. All writers use beta readers. They must if they’re to get good opinions on what they’ve written. With a private post, it will show up on that day in your blog, but only the title. Then there will be a box for a password. No one will be able to access it but those you choose. I’ve done this a couple times. If you have any questions about it, feel free to drop me a note. Or here’s some instructions: Good luck!


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