Dream reader…

images4RI11R9CWho is my dream reader?  It could be you… Or me… My dream reader is someone who stumbles upon my blog and thinks, I want to follow this blog.  The person thinks my blog is funny, interesting, something that they can relate to…  Or something that is new to them, that they want to find out more about.  That they want to learn more about me. My dream reader is a publishing company, that’s says “Wow… What a great writer, let’s offer her a book deal.”

My dream reader is all of the people above.  I would love my dream reader, to be someone who is far away around the world, in another country, who thinks this is a cool blog. It would give me the opportunity, to see where they live and hopefully, learn something from them. I have a friend who is a professional writer.  I would love to show him my blog, but I don’t think I am ready as of yet. A dream would be for him to say, “You’re an awesome writer, why don’t you write a screen play?” I can only wish… Maybe someday soon I will tell him, that I have a blog. Maybe.

A dream reader is anyone that you would like to read your blog.  It could be your parents, spouse, friends, teacher or your favorite author, singer, movie star… Or it could just be you.  Knowing that I have taken the time to focus only on my blog and to try and be inspiring, creative, informative is an accomplishment in itself.  I am no longer procrastinating.  I am getting work done, that I truly enjoy.  So I am hoping you… Yes you!  Will be my dream reader.

As well as myself… If I get up to posting, a new post 🙂

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