The Morning

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John Lee Taggart

I have often struggled with the morning – it is such a dramatic time. You find yourself lying there in a toasty marshmallow, your comfort levels at a crazed inordinate level – just lounging with the cosy satisfaction that you are sleeping past your alarm…and you don’t even care…time strolls by, and thoughts circle around – illusory conversations; people telling you that you’re great, interviews with people you will likely never meet, groundbreaking specials featuring the one and only…you know, the usual…but then…


Alarm GIF

The alarm signals again – and it’s evil is similar to that of a debt collector…leaving you alone for just enough to get comfortable again, and then all of a sudden its back again, banging at your door – but this time with even more ferocity. This time maybe it’ll smash stuff up, and break your knee caps…or at…

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