I am an Writer, Artist, Philosopher and Photographer.  Just one cool cat.  😉  I enjoy being in a zen moment.  Enjoying the peaceful moments, life has to bring.  The artist in me, has been struggling to come out, so hopefully you will see that side of me, as I blog away.  In my past, I have been a film editor, costume film designer & photographer.  Oh… And I can do a variety of cartoon & film voices, if my voice is up to it.

I am a relaxed kind of person.  Who loves the arts, film and television, improv, costume designing, authors, gardeners, illustrators and anyone who loves to create.  Whether it is blogging or creating art.  I am also very funny!  Think Saturday Night Live funny.   😉


The writings on this blog is my original work, which means it is
copyrighted with All Rights Reserved.

No work from this blog may be used for republishing and for commercial purposes
without permission. *If you wish to reblog one of my post, that is okay, as long as I get credit for the post.


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    • Since, I am new on WordPress, I am still trying to figure things out. I did a draft where I answered your questions, then I made 11 of my own questions, to nominate 11 other people. Well, I am having a problem… I am trying to figure out, how to find how many followers they have. So far, I only have found 4 people with under 200 followers. Any suggestions? Thanks 🙂


      • I had that problem when I began. Sometimes I couldn’t see where it was posted. Of the blogs you are following, how do you access the list? That might help. I usually look around on each site to see where I might see how many are following, either by a follow button (it might say, join 15 others following this blog). Let me know how you access the list, and that will help us to figure it out. I’m also seeing if I can remember where I found your number of followers. It can be tricky. If you let me know which bloggers you follow that you want to nominate, I can also help you look.

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      • Okay, I did a bit more research. If you go to your reader, you’ll see an option that says “Blogs I follow” and if you click on it, you’ll see a place where shows an option to edit you list. If you click on edit, then you see a full list with the URLs of each blog. If you click on the url, it’ll bring up the header of that person’s blog. They may not all have it, but you might see in the header, the number of followers that person has. It could be hit and miss. I looked at my own side bar (it slides out from the left) and I have a follow button there, and right above it, I can see how many followers I have. Now, specifically, I’m uncertain if that is just the email followers, or the total. There can be a difference. Try that out, to see if the header of any specific blogs you have show the amount. On the site itself, it won’t show it, but from the follow list, it will sometimes. Hope that helps. 🙂

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