Up, up, up and away…


Is it that time already?  I am laying down, tired as can be… I imagine the white rabbit say, “you’re late, you’re late.”. As he is pointing to his wrist watch.  It’s time to go, time to go to Mothers house.  Her house will still  undoubtley, smell like Christmas.  All of a sudden, the telephone rings and it’s… Mom.

Her voice in a hurry tone, tells me she is running late.  What a surprise, so am I.  She is baking all kinds of treats, to take to her husband family, as they are still celebrating Christmas.  I say, “don’t worry, I will be there soon.”  Or will I…?  Yes, I will be there.  Sometimes, we do things out of the goodness of our heart, other times we do not.

Today, is the day I go to mothers house and I am truly delighted.  Even though Christmas was exhausting, I can see her Christmas tree, with a little life left, knowing soon it will be time to go.  Another year is almost gone.     What’s that noise I hear…?  The white rabbit is back. Yes, I know I am late, but I am leaving in a minute… 😉


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