As I look through WordPress, I glance at the freshly pressed blogs.  It reminds me of a freshly squeezed glass of orange juice.  You never know how it will taste.  It could be bitter, sweet, too much pulp, etc…  There are all kinds of blogs, from every topic one could imagine.  There are happy blogs, sad blogs, picture blogs, cooking blogs, interesting blogs and uninteresting blogs…  At least for me, it might be uninteresting, but that’s okay.

The thing they all have in common, is people from all over the world are putting their thoughts and feelings down, for us to read.  When we read a blog, it gives us an opportunity to see into someone elses mind.  To learn a little bit about someone, who’s ideas we might find enjoyable or not.  A chance for us to get to know someone, without actually meeting them.  Sounds a little weird.

We tend to say, I know that person, even though we haven’t meet them in person, but we read their blog.  You might say to someone, “I know him or her.”  If you have a facebook page, you may have 500 friends, but are they really your friends…?  I have a Facebook page and even though I don’t know, everyone on my page, I still consider them to be my Facebook friends.

Its a new age and time, where blogging has become an important part of ones life.  As I scroll through the freshly pressed blogs, I look to see who,  I would like to be friends with… Maybe the storyteller, or the fairy tale writer…  Or the lady who still wants her children, to believe in Santa Claus…  Maybe all of them.


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