Brrr… It’s cold outside.

cold day

Today is cold and windy.  I mean its windy enough, where if someone put a string on you, you would be their kite. Trees are rocking, leaves are blowing and the chill can freeze you, in your path.  I went out to the shopping center, to buy some goodies for New Years Eve.  I noticed  many people out and about.  It reminded me of Christmas shoppers.

On a sad note, I noticed there seems to be more homeless people, outside of the shopping center. I felt sad, thinking how cold it was outside and wondering if they had a place to stay.  As I hurried into the store one man asked, if I could buy him something to eat, as he shivered.  I hurried into the store, saying to the man, “sorry not today.” I didn’t really listen to him, when I passed him.  Now that I have grabbed my cart, I instantly feel bad.  I reach into my purse to grab a dollar, then I walk back outside.

I see him still standing there, so I hand him the dollar.  I ask him, “what do you need?”  He says, he is hungry. I don’t say anything, I just walk away.  Now I feel bad again…  What is he going to buy to eat, that cost a dollar?  As I continue with my shopping, I decide I will get him a drink & burger from McDonald’s.  That will be better, than the dollar I gave to him.  After I am done with my shopping, I go to McDonald’s to put my order in.

As I am walking outside, I realize I didn’t buy him anything!  I bought food for my family, but not him!  Okay… I know, I will give him my drink and a chicken sandwich.  Wait a minute, then that leaves two jalapeño burgers, that aren’t even mine!  I don’t like them anyway, that’s why I bought a chicken sandwich for myself, in the first place.  I know… I will give him a jalapeno burger, but maybe he dosent like jalapeño’s!

By now my head is hurting… I should of bought him a $5.00 gift card, at McDonalds. I finally get outside and I can’t find him.  Then I take my cart and look for him at  the other exit.  I still don’t see him.  I get in the car  with my friend and ask him, “have you seen a slender Hispanic man?”  He looks at me and says, there are a lot of people here and probably a lot of people with that description. I say, maybe he is at Safeway next door.

So now we drive over to Safeway.  As we are driving I say, “if I see him I am going to grab that soda I just gave you and your burger.  Oh… And that ski jacket I gave you earlier, I need that too, because he looked cold.


2 thoughts on “Brrr… It’s cold outside.

  1. Thanks for commenting on my blog! I am new at blogging and your comment is the first one! Yes, poverty is something that we see and I hope to believe that showing some kind of kindness, might make their day a little brighter. Even if it’s just smiling and saying hello to someone, can brighten ones day. Happy NYE to you Johanna!


  2. Thanks for sharing your heart & thoughts with us. It’s beautiful to think of others. I find that many people “shun” the homeless or those in need, rather than feel compassion for them, and it breaks my heart. Poverty is something that will also be with us, and always be so sad to see – but I think we *can* make a difference to individual lives by just showing kindness and love like you did/tried to do. I wrote a little bit about this topic in one of my posts, Look {The Intention to See}. Well, happy NYE and I hope you find him again!


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