It’s here… 2015

Wow…  I got thru 2014, now let’s see about 2015.  When I was younger, on new years eve I would stay up until midnight.   Now I just go to bed early and when midnight strikes, I say, “YIPPE!” Then I go back to bed…lol.  I like parties, but I also like my sleep.  Maybe next year, I will go to bed early the night before, then take a nap in the day & be ready to party at midnight.  I wonder how many other people, go to bed early on new years eve.

My mom who is 68 years old, still stays up to midnight, to ring in the new year.  Even if she is home, sharing a quiet evening with her husband.  Then when midnight strikes, she grabs her pots and pans, then she starts banging away, waking up the neighborhood.  She also yells, “Happy New Year” to see if anyone will yell it back.  She lives in a country setting without many neighbors, I guess the only noise she might hear is the dogs howling back.

As for any new year resolutions, those are always really hard for me to make. I mean I make resolutions all the time, but sticking to them is another story.  I guess, the only resolution I would make, is to do my very best to eat healthy and keep an active lifestyle.  That’s probably the best resolution that I can make for myself.  I hope the new year brings happiness, as well as good health to myself.  I wish to blog as much as I can and learn the fundamentals of WordPress.

So, I hope everyone one has a fantastic new year and all their wishes for the new year comes through…

Happy New Year  everyone 🙂


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