Who am I… Why am I here…

I just joined a new class called, Blogging 101 on WordPress. My first assignment is a quick introduction…  Here it goes:  I studied fashion merchandising, line and design when I was younger.  Then I moved to Hollywood, in hopes of working on films and television.  In the beginning I worked at the Beverly Center and bank, in Beverly Hills, hoping to meet people in the film industry.  I took me awhile, before I worked on my first movie.

I was hired as a costume designer, for a film company.  I would go to Warner Bros., studios to pick up wardrobe, as well as create my own.  It was so exciting to see clothes that I had picked out for the actors, to show up in the film.  After that I got into film editing, which was quite a long project.  Even though the hours where long, I still enjoyed bringing the film together and seeing the final project.

Photography is one of my true passions.  I was the chief photographer on my college newspaper.  Seeing ones pictures on print, is very rewarding.  Especially since all pictures, do not end up in print. The reason I started blogging, was to hopefully bring out my creative side in one way or another.  When I am being creative, it is such an incredible high.  The satisfaction of writing a piece of work and having someone tell you, how much they like it, is the cream of the crop.

Since I have just recently started blogging, I hope to learn all I can from my fellow bloggers, as well as from WordPress.

Have a goodnight and happy blogging.  🙂



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