What will be… C’est la vie…

catsThe name of my blog is “whatever it is, it’s not so bad.”  Today I have changed my title, for my second blogging101 assignment.  I guess, they want to know if I know how to change my title.  Yes, I do.  The reason I picked my original title is because I try to see the positive, that life has to offer.  Life has many challenges, good and bad.  When I open my blog each day, I can glance at the title, to see a little reminder, that life is okay.

That what will be, will be. As long as I try to give my best effort, life can’t be that bad.  We tend to complain about our life, the obstacles that we face, the ups and downs.  Sometimes, it seems there is too many downs and not enough ups.  One way I remind myself to be positive, is that I have another day on this earth.  I wake up and say, “thank you, for another day.”  To myself, of course…lol.  I get another chance to see the trees, the sky and the birds.  Another day to see my family and friends.

When I was younger, I would say, “whatever,” when I didn’t like something or things weren’t going my way.  Whatever this, whatever that…  I wouldn’t really think things through, just a quick whatever would do.  I even had a friend who I hadn’t spoken to for a number of years, ask me if I still said, whatever.  I never thought, I said it that much.  Now, my feelings have changed, about using that word. Actually, I rarely say the word anymore. My new saying is “C’est la vie.”

It is a French saying, which means “that’s life or that’s the way it goes.”  So this is reason, I choose my title, “whatever it is, it’s not so bad.”


Who am I… Why am I here…

I just joined a new class called, Blogging 101 on WordPress. My first assignment is a quick introduction…  Here it goes:  I studied fashion merchandising, line and design when I was younger.  Then I moved to Hollywood, in hopes of working on films and television.  In the beginning I worked at the Beverly Center and bank, in Beverly Hills, hoping to meet people in the film industry.  I took me awhile, before I worked on my first movie.

I was hired as a costume designer, for a film company.  I would go to Warner Bros., studios to pick up wardrobe, as well as create my own.  It was so exciting to see clothes that I had picked out for the actors, to show up in the film.  After that I got into film editing, which was quite a long project.  Even though the hours where long, I still enjoyed bringing the film together and seeing the final project.

Photography is one of my true passions.  I was the chief photographer on my college newspaper.  Seeing ones pictures on print, is very rewarding.  Especially since all pictures, do not end up in print. The reason I started blogging, was to hopefully bring out my creative side in one way or another.  When I am being creative, it is such an incredible high.  The satisfaction of writing a piece of work and having someone tell you, how much they like it, is the cream of the crop.

Since I have just recently started blogging, I hope to learn all I can from my fellow bloggers, as well as from WordPress.

Have a goodnight and happy blogging.  🙂