So You Want a Masters in Publishing

Check out Fantasy Writer Alex Hurst, who lives in Kyoto. Great Writer and wonderful Photographer.

Memoirs of a Time Here-After

The last few weeks have been really busy. I’ve taken on a lot of volunteer work since the beginning of this year, including two concurrent anthology projects for Fiction Writers Group, app design and article layouts for Kyoto Journal, and slush reading for the semi-pro Fantasy Scroll Mag. They have all been wonderful and worthwhile experiences. The anthologies, which require a lot of organization since I’m an admin, have taken up the bulk of my time, with most of my mornings and spare moments in the evenings being devoted to beta reading or editing for one, and submission queueing and notification for the other. My work with Kyoto Journal has been extremely rewarding, giving me a behind-the-scenes look at an established quarterly magazine and hands-on experience building a Newsstand app with interactive elements. They’ve even honored me with a couple opportunities for page layouts.

In both of…

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