Can you smell the apple crisp?

My family loves to cook, bake and eat.  In my family we have carnivores, vegetarian, vegans and raw foodies. Holidays are always so fun, the food planning that’s a different story. Oh… I almost forgot, there are also people in my family, with gluten sensitivity and lactose intolerant. Even though everyone has their own way of eating, we try to make everyone happy.  When my family eats, they celebrate.

We have excellent cooks and bakers in our family. My father use to own Italian restaurants. We always try to outdo one another, trying to see whose food taste the best. My grandmother used to make Panettone. It’s a soft bread, with raisins. She would make large ones as big as a pizza pan. She was the best baker in the family.  Through the years we still like to carry on tradition, of making favorite dishes, that are loved ones use to make.

A favorite dish of mine, was my grandmothers apple crisp.  When I make apple crisp, like my grandmother did, it reminds me of her. The smell of the cinnamon and apples, baking in the oven, brings on a comforting feeling of being with my grandmother. Even though my grandmother is no longer here, the day I make apple crisp, it feels like she is right by my side.

Do you have fond memories, of cooking with your family?


9 thoughts on “Can you smell the apple crisp?

  1. Aw, this is so nice and I can tell you have a very beautiful family. My family doesn’t cook in the manner that you have just described, since we all live so far apart but when geography wasn’t an issue, we would sing, sing, sing our hearts out, together. Your story though, impresses on me the need never to take for granted one of the most precious gifts from God – the family.

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  2. I can’t even attempt to cook as well as my grandmother – but I have some of her kitchen tools – her cake rack in particular reminds me of her and all those wonderful things she made every time I use it. And with those memories I can almost taste and smell 🙂 Great post – thanks for giving me the opportunity to think of her again.


    • Thanks you so much for the lovely comment. I was hoping people would have fond memories, as well as being able to imagine the taste and smell of the cooking. I am glad you were able to think of your grandmother again. 🙂

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